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2019-11-30 10:00 pm - 2019-12-01 12:00 am

From Brooklyn NY in this new age of music, BLACU is a fresh soul in the face of funk. Led by
masterful guitarist and composer Yusuke Yamanouchi, BLACU’s sound is a deep blend of
Japanese and western musical styles that remembers the old standards but embraces the
new beat of the future. The group typically plays in the Greater New York City area and is
preparing for their Japan tour in the winter 2019-2020. Yamanouchi previously released an
album in 2017 with band trombonist and composer Christopher William Palmer under
KeyLime Pie entitled “We Are Surviving This”.
Yusuke Yamanouchi - guitar
Christopher William Palmer - trombone
Yonghyun Lee - keys
Yoshiki Yamada - bass
Tomohiro Mori - drum