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2015-10-17 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
277 Church St, New York, NY, United States
Address: 277 Church St, New York, NY, United States


Candice Reyes born and raised in El Paso, Tx. Candice Reyes brings a young and refreshing sound to jazz.  A professional vocalist, studied at the University of Texas at El Paso, with her bachelors in Commercial Music (Vocal). Born into a musical family, the vibrant vocalist has evolved at a face pace.The young singer not only expresses herself through her lushes voice, she interprets her natural character through song. Candice continued her musical talent all through elementary and high school. Candice played multiple instruments clarinet, french horn and piano and sang with the high school jazz band. The young singer participated in the Youth Jazz Ensemble and had the opportunity to share the stage with Dave Pietro.  In 2003 Candice Reyes entered a local competition called "El Paso Idol" where she was announced the winner and represented El Paso with her powerful voice. Candice continued her education in 2004 and received a scholarship by the El Paso Friends of Jazz non-profit Organization. The young vocalist began exposing herself at a fast pace and began playing in local restaurants, concert series, wine festivals and in the southwest area. Not only is she known for her sultry vocals and petite figure she began leading her own project "Candice Reyes Quintet". Candice has been involved in the Jazz scene in El Paso, Tx and continues to be a big part of the progressing scene. The jazz vocalist describes her passion is making good music and capturing her audience. Candice continues performing and showing off her classy style . The jazz singer is preparing for future events and jazz festivals. Candice has released her first album "Crossing Over"in  2013 with a group of well known local jazz artists. The young sassy vocalist says this project has determined her to grow and gain as much experience towards her career. Leading her group has played major roles in her career with buisnness management, discipline, creativeness, profesionalism and more. Candice Reyes Quintet has a modern and distinctive twist to its style. The group evolved through talented musicans with the same perspective, idea and creativity to collaborate and share ideas.The group slowly evlovles wherever Candice takes it, due to new ideas and musical decisions. Candice Reyes and her honesty in singing, show her true colors as a human being inside and out. The talented vocalist is currently living in New Jersey with her husband who is a professional saxophonist. The couple are both eager to new opportunities and experieces that await for them in the east cost . Candice strives on perfecting her craft with other musicians and experiences. Just to name a few: Mack Godldsbury, Erik Unsworth, Ricky Malichi, Marty Olivas, Ruben Guttierez, Pancho Romero, Kelly Durbin, Dave Pietro,Fernie Lechuga, Arath Corral, Shaun Mahoney, Curt Warren, Sam Trimble, Andy Moran, El Paso Symphony. Most recently with  Pj Rausmussen, Charlie Doughtery, Joe Spinelli, Boardwalk Jazz and more. Candice Reyes has been a guest speaker for elementary and middle school choirs, sung with big bands, gue group of professional musicians. Candice Reyes was the muiscal director at Loretto Academy Private school where she taught middle school and high school piano, choir and guitar. Her knowledge and expericence as a muisical director have prepared her in this new journey. Her genuinue heart and attitude towards life brings out the best in her music. The young vocalist is looking forward to continuing with her education and building her experience with many musicians.