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2017-07-08 10:00 pm - 2017-07-09 12:00 am
27 Church St, NYC, NY, United States
Address: 27 Church St, NYC, NY, United States

Ken Kobayashi was born, grew up and lived in Tokyo. Awarded the Bachelor of Art in art critique and art history from Tama Art University. While at the same time, he started pursuing his music career as a drummer. Acquiring a strong knowledge in contemporary art, Kobayashi has aimed to found his own unique style by interesting artistic idea or theory practiced by his admires including John Zorn, Tim Berne and Derek Bailey.

After cementing his relationships with the other young artists and players in Tokyo, Kobayashi moved to New York in 1998 and gained more complex drumming techniques of Jazz and world music at the Drummer’s Collective, New York. To further integrate art and music, Kobayashi has recently challenged to review his music with visual arts such as sound artworks and visual effects. He also exploits his creative style with contemporary jazz, free jazz, East European, Arabic rhythms and electronics sounds for his music in order to develop his visual association to music.

Kobayashi released improvisation music album “Jan” in 2014 with composer/bassist, Jocem Van Dijk. For the latest album, will be released “Nine Stories” on June 2016 with pianist/producer, Takeshi Asai.