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2017-07-01 10:00 pm - 2017-07-02 12:00 am
277 Church St, NY, United States
Address: 277 Church St, New York, NY, 10013

Miyoko is a self taught jazz & world music singer originally from Osaka Japan. She is a founder/ manager of jazz cafe called SUB in Osaka, where she also started singing jazz standards. SUB was a local club, but also it was a hang out spot for jazz legends after their concert in Osaka, Miyoko met Freddy Hubbard, Reggie Workman, Gary Peacock, Terumasa and Motohiko Hino to name a few.

Miyoko moved to New York about 40 years ago, her dream was to become a singer like Billy Holiday who can express the soul and feelings. Although the life wasn’t easy, she was singing in NY while working in the restaurant, eventually she met her husband there and opened Japanese Restaurant together in Rockland County and raised her daughter. The restaurant became popular, and she started another business, but she lost everything because of the flood.

After that incident, she had to say goodbye for her mother, then her daughter gave her a grand daughter. She also met a soulmate “Akko” the cat. Miyoko found that Akko’s sympathy heals her, which gave Miyoko courage to start singing as a professional singer to tell a beauty of life.

Miyoko started the project Song Sparrow in 2016, which uniquely combines jazz and Japanese traditional music with soulfulness and expression of the freedom. It is the form of her life itself that strongly rooted in Japanese soul as well as expressing her two thirds life spent as a “very happy New Yorker”.

While resides in New York City, Miyoko recorded her first album “Emergence” in 2005 with a pianist Jim West, Don Pate, a bassist for Sonny Rollins, and Clifford Barbaro, a drummer for Betty Carter. Also she had performed with Christopher Dean Sullivan, Bill Pernice,Wayne Cobham, Ed Cherry, Lawrence Clark, Darrell Green, and many other great musicians.