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2017-02-19 3:00 pm - 9:00 pm
277 Church St, NY, United States
Address: 277 Church St, New York, NY, 10013

We are happily married husband and wife team who live in New York for over 20 years, love to make people happy with our cookings.

We were born and raised in Japan so that our foundation is home cooking, but we are not thinking to limit our selves. Our inspiration of cooking is people, cultures and food of this great city. We will be introducing traditional and new style of Japanese food, but they should make people smiles. Our priority is to make people happy so that we want to make sure all the refined recipes are just right. We are going to start small as side business on weekends soon.

At the beginning, We are excited to introduce a new style of Japanese food called “Maze-gohan” which is tossed organic brown rice with variety of meat, vegetables and/or tofu and our special sauces on top. “Maze-Gohan” is very light and healthy with lots of vegetables. It is almost like a rice salad which will never make you feel heavy.

Secondly,Our special addicting “Asian Miso Bacon”, also known as “Buta Miso” from Okinawa, Japan. People will be addicted with this garlicky and gingerly delicacy. This “Asian Miso Bacon” is perfect with just a slice of cucumber,crackers, breads, rice and pasta almost anything.

Muneto & Naoyo Maekawa
Maekawa’s Kchen