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    10:00 pm-12:00 am
    277 Church St, NY, United States

    Miyoko is a self taught jazz & world music singer originally from Osaka Japan. She is a founder/ manager of jazz cafe called SUB in Osaka, where she also started singing jazz standards. SUB was a local club, but also it was a hang out spot for jazz legends after their concert in Osaka, Miyoko met Freddy Hubbard, Reggie Workman, Gary Peacock, Terumasa and Motohiko Hino to name a few.

    Miyoko moved to New York about 40 years ago, her dream was to become a singer like Billy Holiday who can express the soul and feelings. Although the life wasn’t easy, she was singing in NY while working in the restaurant, eventually she met her husband there and opened Japanese Restaurant together in Rockland County and raised her daughter. The restaurant became popular, and she started another business, but she lost everything because of the flood.

    After that incident, she had to say goodbye for her mother, then her daughter gave her a grand daughter. She also met a soulmate “Akko” the cat. Miyoko found that Akko’s sympathy heals her, which gave Miyoko courage to start singing as a professional singer to tell a beauty of life.

    Miyoko started the project Song Sparrow in 2016, which uniquely combines jazz and Japanese traditional music with soulfulness and expression of the freedom. It is the form of her life itself that strongly rooted in Japanese soul as well as expressing her two thirds life spent as a “very happy New Yorker”.

    While resides in New York City, Miyoko recorded her first album “Emergence” in 2005 with a pianist Jim West, Don Pate, a bassist for Sonny Rollins, and Clifford Barbaro, a drummer for Betty Carter. Also she had performed with Christopher Dean Sullivan, Bill Pernice,Wayne Cobham, Ed Cherry, Lawrence Clark, Darrell Green, and many other great musicians.

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    Ken Kobayashi Trio

    10:00 pm-12:00 am
    27 Church St, NYC, NY, United States

    Ken Kobayashi was born, grew up and lived in Tokyo. Awarded the Bachelor of Art in art critique and art history from Tama Art University. While at the same time, he started pursuing his music career as a drummer. Acquiring a strong knowledge in contemporary art, Kobayashi has aimed to found his own unique style by interesting artistic idea or theory practiced by his admires including John Zorn, Tim Berne and Derek Bailey.

    After cementing his relationships with the other young artists and players in Tokyo, Kobayashi moved to New York in 1998 and gained more complex drumming techniques of Jazz and world music at the Drummer’s Collective, New York. To further integrate art and music, Kobayashi has recently challenged to review his music with visual arts such as sound artworks and visual effects. He also exploits his creative style with contemporary jazz, free jazz, East European, Arabic rhythms and electronics sounds for his music in order to develop his visual association to music.

    Kobayashi released improvisation music album “Jan” in 2014 with composer/bassist, Jocem Van Dijk. For the latest album, will be released “Nine Stories” on June 2016 with pianist/producer, Takeshi Asai.

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    Shailah Edmonds Trio

    10:00 pm-12:00 am
    277 Church St, New York, NY, United States

    Shailah began writing poetry as a child in Portland, Oregon. She continued while living in in Paris, and traveling the world as a model. Her music career began by co-writing a song for famed R&B artist, Betty Wright (of Clean Up woman), and composing original tunes. After being selected to be a featured guest singer, with the legendary Lionel Hampton, Shailah’s singing career blossomed, and led her to sing with Fred Schneider (of B52’s) solo album, lead singer of Shayla & The Shaylettes Motown Revue, and various other New York local artists. Before finally leaving Paris, Shailah opened for Sydney Youngblood at the Olympia Stadium, and has since toured with the Marvelettes, doing lead and background, in the USA.

    Having a father as a jazz aficionado, Shailah grew up listening to all the jazz greats, and has come full circle, once again enjoying this great genre of music, as expressed in her recently released CD “Moonlight Magic”. (see music page)

    As a former model, she has settled into the jazz world with the grace and style she brought to the runway, performing classic standards with incredible phrasing and beautiful, sultry vocals, enjoyed at several venues throughout the New York Metropolitan area.

    She is currently kept busy as lead singer of her Motown and jazz bands, and as a professional impersonator of Tina Turner and Whitney Houston.

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    Nick Hempton Trio

    8:30 pm-11:30 pm
    277 Church St, NY, United States

    Nick Hempton is an alto and tenor saxophonist, composer and bandleader producing new music in the modern/mainstream tradition. Calling New York home since 2004, he headlines clubs throughout the city, as well as concert halls and festivals around the world. Influenced by the greats of the instrument like Dexter Gordon, Sonny Stitt, Cannonball Adderley, etc, and informed by a youth misspent playing R&B and ska in his native Australia, Hempton’s jazz is original, approachable, and always swinging.

    In demand as a sideman as well as a leader, Nick has performed with some of the top names in Jazz and popular music and has been featured on dozens of albums encompassing the full range of popular music styles. He has made numerous television and radio appearances, and has also developed an excellent reputation as a music educator, holding private lessons and masterclasses for school and mature-age students.

    The Nick Hempton Band was formed in 2005. As a group, they have played most of the major New York venues, and toured both regionally and internationally. Many years of collaboration have made the group a sharp, cohesive unit, and 2015 sees the release of their fourth studio album, Catch And Release.

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    Takeshi Asai Trio

    10:00 pm-12:00 am
    277 Church St, NY, United States

    “The emerging jazz pianist in New York City (2013)” Takeshi Asai has actively been performing in Europe, Asia and the the United States for the last ten years. Authentic yet eclectic, his piano style has been acclaimed for the highest artistry and the catchiness, which you can find in any pieces he plays, whether it’s his original or a standard. In fact, his latest CD “Takeshi Asai French Trio Vol. 1” which was recorded in France in 2013, was praised for the sophistication and the eclecticism, “A fresh perspective,… jazz, classical and pop that is combined in a way that is fresh and extremely musical.”