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    Mamiko Taira(V) Trio Daisuke Abe(G) Steve Whipple(B)

    10:00 pm-12:00 am
    277 Church St, NY, United States
    277 Church St, NY, United States

    A New York based Japanese jazz vocalist, Mamiko Taira has been always a cloud pleaser. Author of “the Color of Water,” James McBride describes her “She is the kind musicians love to play with and audiences love to appreciate… she is a standout…” Her mentor, Mark Murphy quotes “She is a talent in the art of vocal jazz.”

    Mamiko began studying music at the age of eight with a local piano teacher. At the age of sixteen, she went to a private music school to major piano studied with Fumio Itabashi. Itabashi noticed her vocal quality immediately and suggested her to be a singer. In 1988, she moved to Philadelphia to study Jazz Voice at Temple University. Eventually she emerged into the Philly music scene. After graduating in 1992 she performed in Philly until her return to Tokyo in the fall of 1993. Back at home she has performed extensively in the Tokyo metropolitan area between 1993 through 1998. In 1994 she won the grand prize at the Asakusa Jazz Festival Competition. She was invited to sing at the Manly Jazz Festival (Manly, Australia) in 1994 and 1996. In 1999, Mamiko moved to New York. She was a finalist at the Third Annual Jazzconnect Jazz Vocal Competition in 2002. Out of 197 singers from around the world, Mamiko took 3rd place. She also toured with James McBride group in 2003 visited 30 cities and 54 venues nationally. She continues to perform in New York vicinity and beyond.

    In May 2012, she has released her debut album, “and it begins” from Japanese independent jazz label, D-musica. The album presents 9 songs including 2 Japanese pops performed with Toru Dodo (piano), who co-produced the album with her. Then, she began its CD release tour from Japan in October 2012 and concluded in New York Blue Note in January 2013.

    The second leader album, “Heart’s Calling” came out in June 2015 from D-musica’s sister label, D-neo. This album was recorded in Japan with her Japanese quartet, Jun Furuya (piano), Daiki Yasukagawa (bass), and Ryo Shibata (drums) featuring Miki Hirose (trumpet), Akihiro Yoshimoto (saxes & flute) and Yuu Uesugi (trombone). It contains 10 songs in various musical settings from duo to septet. Japanese critics has raved about her creative approach and the band sound in “Heart’s Calling” as well as her musical uniqueness and growth. CD release tour in November was finished with success visiting 5 cities in 8 venues.

    In January 2016, her debut album, “and it begins” was relaunched distributing in MP3 and now available through online retailers worldwide.

    Mamiko is a legal resident of New York City, and available for performing opportunities in New York Metro area and beyond.

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    Live Jazz: Mike DiRubbo Trio

    8:30 pm-11:30 pm
    277 Church St, NY, United States
    277 Church St, NY, United States

    Today, in an age where media-created young lions are more interested in downloads than down beats, alto saxophonist/composer/bandleader/educator Mike DiRubbo is the real deal. Ever since he arrived in New York two decades ago, DiRubbo has reigned supreme as one of the most durable and dynamic musicians of his generation. That bold statement is augmented by the aural evidence of his work with the brightest jazz stars including Tony Reedus, Larry Willis, Eddie Henderson, Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown, Dwayne Burno, Peter Washington, Carl Allen, John Hicks and Cecil Payne, and as a solo artist, with eight critically-acclaimed CD’s as a leader. DiRubbo has worked in various New York clubs including Smalls, Smoke, 55 Bar, the Kitano, and has also performed in many national and international venues including the Litchfield Jazz Festival, Vizta Jazz in Rio de Janeiro, The Maze in Rio de Janeiro, Ronnie Scott’s and Pizza Express in London, the Clifford Brown Jazz Festival, the Greater Hartford Festival of Jazz, the JVC Jazz Festival in NYC, the Jazz, Blues and Videotape festival in Tel Aviv, Ferrara Jazz in Italy, and Ancona Jazz Festival.

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    Takeshi Asai Trio

    10:00 pm-12:00 am
    277 Church St, NY, United States
    277 Church St, NY, United States

    For ten years, New York-based jazz pianist, composer, and recording artist Takeshi Asai has been dazzling audiences in New York, Paris, Tokyo, and other major cities around the world. As a passionate solo pianist and leader of ensembles such as French Trio and New York Trio—among others—Takeshi has released 12 albums. The Jazz Times recently noted that his concerts are always filled with “communion[s] of tender affection,” with other critics acclaiming Takeshi as a “brilliant composer and performer” with “extraordinary artistry, impressive and unlimited virtuosity.” His dazzling piano improvisation and sophisticated compositions have identified Takeshi as a unique talent and set him apart in today’s international jazz scene.


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    10:00 pm-12:00 am

    BLACU is Jazz-influenced instrumental band based in Brooklyn, New York.

    A band formed by guitarist Yusuke Yamanouchi(Tokyo, Japan), drummer Sohei Oyama(Kyoto, Japan) in 2017, New York City.


    Yusuke Yamanouchi is a Guitarist/Composer/Arranger born in Tokyo, Japan in 1978. His music education started since when he was five years old, taking private piano lessons. At the age of twenty, Yusuke Yamanouchi attended an art school based in his hometown, Tokyo. It was here that he found Bill Evans and Jim Hall’s album “undercurrent” which inspired him to learn jazz music. He then entered Iida jazz school in Tokyo to study jazz music formally. At Iida, he took many private guitar lessons and ensemble lessons from prestigious jazz musicians such as Toshiki Nunokawa, Koichi Yabori and Shyunji Takenaka. At the same time, he actively began playing live concerts in Tokyo, where he performed at famous jazz clubs, restaurants and concert halls with his group and various other renowned bands. 

    After his successful career as a jazz guitarist based in Tokyo, Japan, he moved to Boston, Massachusetts in 2009 to study Jazz Composition/Performance, to deepen his expertise, and to flourish his career as a musician at Berklee College of Music, for which he was awarded the Berklee World Tour Award throughout his school years. He has learned jazz guitar from the most famous, legendary and inspiring Jazz musicians in the world including of Brett Willmott, David Gilmore, Tim Miller, Tomo Fujita and Bruce Saunders, and jazz composition and arranging from pioneers in jazz such as Dave Johnson, Bob Pilkington and Jackson Schultz. He also actively participated in many concerts, benefit performances, and live music recordings. Moving to the U.S. has played a major role in shaping who he is today musically as well as personally.

    In 2013, he graduated from Berklee College of Music, then he relocated to New York the most competitive city for jazz artists, where his career has flourished. He has actively started performing with many prominent musicians and groups at many well-known jazz venues in New York and New England area.

    SOHEI OYAMA/ Drummer

    Sohei Oyama is a professional drummer / percussionist born in 1984, Kyoto, Japan.

    His first experience with musical instruments was the Japanese traditional drum called the WADAIKO when he was 6, and he started his music career as a drummer at the age of 11.

    After he won the best drummer award hosted by the local YAMAHA music school, he moved to Boston, MA, where he received a scholarship at Berklee College of Music in 2004.

    In the past 13 years, he has been a band member of THE RiCECOOKERS as rock drummer, recording, performing and touring in the US and Japan.

    In 2017, Sohei formed his own band, BLACU, with guitarist Yusuke Yamanouchi, based in NYC, where they would perform at local bars and venues.

    Sohei now resides in Brooklyn, NY.

    Ruby Choi/Singer

    Ruby Choi is a professional singer-songwriter and recording artist based in New York. She studied under Gretchen Parlato and Theo Bleckmann at the Manhattan School of Music with a Master’s degree in Jazz Performance. However, Despite her formal education in the genre, she is not always loyal to Jazz: her love for music embraces other genres, such as Neo-Soul and Electronic.

    Tomoaki Baba/Sax

    Musician /Saxophone player /Composer /Arranger /Art Creator

    He was born in 1992 in Sapporo, Japan.

    He started playing saxophone when he was 7 years old.
    He attended Berklee 5 weeks program in 2007, 2008, 2009 as a full scholarship student and he was selected for Berklee Jazz workshop directed by Terri Lyne Carrington in 2010.

    He was awarded full scholarship Berklee College of Music, he has been experiencing many things, performing with greatest musicians, Terence Blanchard(tp), Dayna Stephens(sax), Terri Lyne Carrington(ds), Jamie Callum(vo, pf), Sean Jones(tp), Darren Barrett(tp)

    Now he started collaborating with different kinds of art for example fashion, architecture, painting, plant art, though his music. Especially, he is interested in collaborating with fashion and he has been working with the art magazine named “Metropolitan Society”. As a crew of Metropolitan Society creative team, he was modeling/styling for collaboration with Engineered Garments and own project “Lonely Traveler”. Also He started working as events producer. He produced “”Jazz Summit Tokyo Summer Festival 2015‘ as a first step of his producer career. 

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    Takeshi Asai Trio

    10:00 pm-12:00 am
    277 Church St, NY, United States
    277 Church St, NY, United States

    “The emerging jazz pianist in New York City (2013)” Takeshi Asai has actively been performing in Europe, Asia and the the United States for the last ten years. Authentic yet eclectic, his piano style has been acclaimed for the highest artistry and the catchiness, which you can find in any pieces he plays, whether it’s his original or a standard. In fact, his latest CD “Takeshi Asai French Trio Vol. 1” which was recorded in France in 2013, was praised for the sophistication and the eclecticism, “A fresh perspective,… jazz, classical and pop that is combined in a way that is fresh and extremely musical.”